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benefits of tarot reading?

Call me, Kea Smith, direct (817) 798-6829 or email to schedule a zoom reading session.

* Intuitive Readings

* Gain clarity and direction


(By appointment only)

Tarot Readings - $50 for 20 minutes

As a tarot reader, I am always fascinated by the stories, problems and questions that people present to me. I understand how scary it can be to trust in the unknown. I am here to provide guidance and insight for those who feel uncertain about their current situation.


Tarot is all about trust and faith, and my role is to help people trust in themselves and their own intuition. With tarot reading, you get guidance on topics that you may feel unsure of. You can ask anything and the cards will reveal what you need to know. I’m honored to be able to provide my clients with clarity, insight and direction.


Tarot reading is an art and a practice of intuition. Unlike other forms of predictive reading, tarot isn’t about fortune-telling; rather it's about empowering individuals in their own lives. I come from a church background but tarot reading has always intrigued me. Because of my upbringing, I was hesitant to embrace my gift. However, now that I have embraced this part of me and committed to it, I am able to help people in a way I never thought possible before. I am ready to help others tackle the issues they may be facing.


Through tarot reading, I am able to help people navigate through life's tough moments with a more positive perspective. Get in touch with me and let's explore the mysteries of the tarot together.

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