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Energy balance plus...


* Energy Balancing and Cleansing / Bio-Resonance

* Clear Chakras and Meridian Blockages

* Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs 

* Spiritual Growth

* Holistic Wellness

! DISCLAIMER:  Data included from reports indicates Energy imbalances found in the bio-field and is not a medical diagnosis. Please refer to a qualified health care practitioner for advice. !

-Master your mind and your thoughts

-Build confidence and self-esteem

-Achieve life balance

-Be aware of unconscious habits and behaviors

-Get unstuck and change habits that no longer serve you
-Be your authentic self 

We believe in the power of energy balancing and cleansing to enhance overall wellness. We understand that optimal health is about more than just treating symptoms; it's about addressing the root causes of imbalance and creating a sustainable, holistic approach to wellness.


Our unique approach integrates bio-resonance, a cutting-edge technology that uses the body's electromagnetic frequencies to identify and address imbalances. Bio-resonance is based on the principle that every substance emits its own unique electromagnetic frequency. When the body is out of balance, these frequencies can become distorted, leading to a wide range of symptoms. By using specialized equipment to detect and analyze these frequencies, we can identify imbalances and create a customized plan to correct them. Our goal is to help our clients achieve greater balance and vitality in all areas of their lives. If you're ready to experience greater harmony and vitality, contact us today.

Personal growth process that brings  effective, lasting change into areas of your life where you feel stagnant. This approach changes the way that you perceive yourself...  Support where life is not working as well as you would like.

As we live life, we take on behaviors and coping strategies to deal with things that have been challenging or traumatic. These behaviors and adjustments are useful at the time, but they stay with us and become fixed ways of being, both habitual and automatic. They are triggered reactions that we repeat even when it no longer serves us best.

It is like parts of us are caught up in past experiences, which dictate how we respond and think long after the life events are gone. It brings about repeated actions, emotions, thoughts, and moods without us being consciously aware.

This can be beneficial when you desire different outcomes and desire a more fulfilling life. 

You can be liberated from the repeating loop of your past, clearing away obstacles that prevent you from achieving your full potential. You can be free to show up as your authentic self, whatever life presents. You will have freedom to fully express all aspects of yourself.

Maybe you don't know exactly what needs to change, however you desire your life to be better.


Here are some examples of how bio-resonance accompanied with coaching can be used for:

  • Transform areas of life where you are stuck in unwanted thoughts and behaviors

  • Freedom from unwanted outcomes and undesired situations

  • Relief from fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, shock and trauma

  • Wellness and well-being: Can help individuals improve their overall well-being, including physical, emotional, and mental health by guiding you towards healthy habits and practices

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs, negative attitudes and uncontrollable emotional reactions

  • Increased confidence and improved self-image

  • Resolving addictions and compulsive or unhealthy behaviors

  • Grief from loss of a loved one, including break-up or divorce

  • Accelerating and deepening personal or spiritual growth

  • Achieving self-mastery in your life

Many therapies and personal growth techniques focus on analyzing and explaining a problem, figuring out reasons why it is there, looking for a past event that caused it and working on that event to solve the present problem.

Energy balancing resolves the underlying personality structures and fixed patterns that are keeping the problem in place. Once addressed, the problem has no foundation to keep it there and it resolves of its own inertia, restoring freedom and mastery in that area of your life.

Energy balancing is a phenomenal alternative to traditional therapies. It is especially good for resolving things that remain using other methods that are unsuccessful. Be patient with yourself and the process. 

With energy balancing, we don’t focus on finding reasons or explanations for a problem. We deal with it as it exists right now, together with how you are relating to it. The entirety of the problem is here with you now in present time, so that’s where we look. There is a connection between past events and the current problem however the solution won't be found in combing through past events.

All the answers are within us, although hidden from view (in our ‘blind spots’), and they can be revealed by applying energy balancing procedures. Things in our blind spots influence how we think, feel and act, and they lose their power to do that once we locate them and become fully aware of them. Our problems are then able to clear up, and frequently do so without effort. Where previously we had no choice but to be a certain way, Energy balancing gives us freedom to choose how to be.

The coaching process will involve me guiding you to consciously observe, inspect and experience the personality structures and fixed patterns that are underneath your problem. No special skills are necessary for you to participate in energy healing. The techniques are simple and gentle, yet effective and deep acting.

Energy balancing enables you to experience who you really are at your core and assists and empowers you to shift into living from a deeper, more authentic sense of self. This work meets you where you are, taking the focus off of what you are doing or not doing. 

When you stand in the space of who you really are, you can more clearly see your current way of being and where this is out of alignment with who you desire to be and know you are, which helps you see more clearly so you can flow and see things work better.

From the caterpillar’s point of view, transformation into a butterfly looks impossible but for the butterfly it is being its true self and the caterpillar was only a temporary form it took on along the way. When you live from your true self, you can transcend the limitations of your past self. 

I will use various techniques within my practice to enable you to achieve your desired outcome. Liberating you from old, limiting ways of being, while stepping into a new, transformed way of being, leading to effortless living and life working better for you.

When you recognize your true self, you realize your inherent value and your place in the universe. You will come to know that you were already whole and complete all along, and the strategies you took on as a result of believing otherwise can now be released.

When you live your best life and allow your light to shine, you become intune with how you can contribute and make a difference in the world just by being you.

Sessions are provided online. We can work together wherever you are located, so you can be relaxed in the comfort and privacy of your own.

To talk and learn more about how energy balancing can work for you, reach out to me directly by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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